Curious Press: Original Art by Dianne Vetromile

  • October 2005 The Providence Journal - Metro Edition: Home Style - Fine Furnishings Show

  • June 2004 Crane Gallery Decorative Arts Exhibit: Snow Library, Orleans, MA.

  • December 2003 issue of Waste Watch: Recycling Computers into Art

  • Winter 2001 issue of Chicago Home and Garden: On The Fringes

  • December 2000 Come Play With Us: Intuit Invitation

  • April 1998 issue of House & Garden: Jeweled Chair in the home of Linda Dresner

  • February 1995 issue of Cape Cod Community Newspapers: Sweethearts

  • July 1993 issue of Harper's Bazaar: Dude-Ranch Style

  • December 1987 issue of Woman's World - The Woman's Weekly. : Wit, Whimsy and WOW!

  • December 1987 issue of Regardie's - The Business of Washington, DC.: For Men

  • August 1987 issue of New York Daily News Record: Designers Deliver

  • August 1987 issue of New York Newsday: Eclectic Looks For Next Spring

  • November 1986 issue of Teen Magazine: Play It Cool!

  • September/October 1986 issue of The Review: Fabulous Funky Junk Art!

  • July/August 1986 issue of The Review - Cape Cod's Arts and Antiques Magazine: Art-Tee

  • February 1986 issue of Cape Cod Times - Capestyle: Castaway Couture

  • June 1985 issue of The National Fashion & Boutique Show: Make A Break

  • Spring 1983 issue of The Register: One of a Kind - Three Designers
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