Curious Objects: Remember When - Sold Pots, Baskets and Jars
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Fiesta Girl Assemblage Art: A decorated porcelain doll sits in an aqua / turquoise, Fiesta sugar. Ummm. She is 8.5" tall with a bottom diameter of about 2.5". Before fixing the doll into the pot, I did fill it with buttons to help weight the piece. If you gently shake her, you can hear them rattle. Light gloss finish. Signed DV 06 and HLC Fiesta Made in USA on the bottom.

Memory Doll with Hat: I just love her! She stands 12.5" tall to the top of her tea pot hat with a width of 4.25". All porcelain. Covered with many, many vintage objects - charms, jewelry findings, crystal stones, hand painted pencils and beads. The photos are large so you may see the detail. Signed DV 06 on the bottom of her shoes.

Princess Riding Haviland Elephant: The painted porcelain pot is an old Haviland, elephant design, tobacco and pipe jar! I saved him for years until this wonderful porcelain doll decided she wanted to be with him. A perfect match. Both have been decorated with jewelry bits and beads. Her hat is made from a Lucite earring and pot lid. Great fun. This assemblage art measures about 10.5" tall with a diameter of 6.5". Signed DV 06, Haviland W on the bottom.
NOTE: Just to let you know that since I placed this item at auction I have received many emails as to the Haviland Elephant pot. Come to find out, it is extremely rare and only the fourth known to major collectors! Three are with private collectors. Two are in excellent condition, one is in repaired condition and then there is my Elephant which has become Vetromile Art. So not only does Princess Riding Elephant have antique value but it also has value to Vetromile collectors. If you are at all interested in my art then this is the piece to own. It doesn't get better as to value. Thank you.

Fish and Jewels Perfume Bottle: This unusual perfume is Vintage Vetromile. I just opened a box of treasures that I had in storage. My guess is that I made it in the mid 1980's - 1990's. I love it. Such madness. The clear crystal jar with decorations stands about 6.5" tall with bottom measurements of 3.25" square. The coral fish are vintage plastic charms and the jewels are vintage crystal. The bottom has applied felt and a Vetromile label. Note: The last photo is extremely large so that you may inspect detail. Lots of sparkle and great fun.

Fish and Jeweled B & L Sunglasses: I decorated these black, BAUSCH & LAUMB sunglasses with coral colored, vintage plastic, fish charms and vintage crystal jewels. Both the front and back are finished nicely. See photos. The glasses are marked Drifter, B & L Ray-Ban Frame, France. I did not sign or date this art but my guess is mid to late 1980's so this is another Vintage Vetromile Assemblage Art item. I will sign them DV on the inside if the buyer requests that I do so.

Doll Memory Pot: This wonderful coffee pot is covered an assortment of vintage objects. Bright and fun. You don't have to be concerned about dusting and cleaning as I have applied a protective gloss finish so that you may just warm rinse and air dry. Easy. This pot stands 9.75" tall with a base diameter of 5.25". The deep blue glazed porcelain lid has been permanently fixed to the pot. Therefore, you will be unable to store your diamonds and emeralds within. Sorry about that. Sometimes I do make pots that open. Just not this one. The applied objects include a rather large baby doll and many vintage findings - turtles, blue roses, enamel butterflies, fish and elephants. Toy game pigs. Collectible cufflinks. Plus more. The photos are very large so that all detail is visible. Signed DV 06 on the bottom.

Hearts Flowers Monopoly Memory Pot Vetromile Assemblage Art: This special coffee pot stands 13.5" tall with a base diameter of 4.75". It is decorated with bright red heart charms, vintage Monopoly pieces, royal blue glass tube beads and other vintage findings, such as, flower cabochons, blue flowers, detailed metal leaves and brass Eagle buttons. Definitely a Memory Pot. The surface has been treated with a high gloss finish which makes the cleaning process very easy. Just run warm soapy water over it, warm rinse and let it drain. Easy! I did permanently attach the lid to the pot so you will be unable to store your jewels in it. There is minor distortion in the photos due to the bright surface and camera lighting. Sorry. Signed DV 06 on the bottom.

A Pair of Bright Yellow Chicks: I gave these vintage, cement garden chicks a new coat of paint. I just love them and someone else did also, as they have been sold.

Mickey Sugar Pot Assemblage Art: A toy Mickey loves being on top of this covered sugar. The Mickey buttons that surround the bottom were hand painted by my Dad, Albert Capello. This will be great fun to use. The protective gloss finish will make it easy to wash. This assemblage art is about 7.5" tall with a bottom diameter of 4". Signed DV 06.

Sugars, creamers, candlesticks and vases are some of my other decorative art items.

Flamingo and Fish Box: About 12" x 6.5" x 5.5". Wood. Signed DV 01 on the back. Special order.

Stuart and Linda Forever - Special Order:
This wonderful champagne bucket is covered with Stuart and Linda's special collection.

Memory Coffeepot: This vintage Deco coffeepot with its Bakelite handle has been decorated with everything but the kitchen sink! - hand painted buttons, beads, old watch parts and jewels. The top opens so that something special could be stored inside. The exterior has been treated with a protective gloss finish. Just rinse under warm water and drain to dry. Easy. This pot measures 10" to the top of the finial and has a total width of about 9". The base has a diameter of 4.25". Signed DV on the bottom.

A Recycle Bin!: This is a wonderful metal basket covered with recycled computer parts, beads and blue bows. Please notice the hand painted pencils and buttons. The interior is dark green and detailed with odd shaped gold dots. It measures 13" tall with a top diameter of 10.5". The bottom diameter is 7". Signed DV 2002.

Red Pepper, Green Pea and Stuffed Olive Basket: This wonderful, bright colored basket is 13" tall with a bottom diameter of 7" and a top diameter of 10.5". A wonderful mix of odd objects. The interior is painted black and detailed with hand painted gold dots. Signed DV 2000.

Memory Basket: This wonderful, bright colored basket is 13" tall with a bottom diameter of 7" and a top diameter of 10.5". The base is actually a vintage metal sap bucket. A wonderful mix of odd objects. Everything but the kitchen sink! Lots of jewelry parts and pieces, buttons (some of which my Dad hand painted), beads and lamp shade screws! The interior is painted black and detailed with hand painted gold dots. Signed DV.

Two More Baskets

Parrot Pot: This coffeepot is 10" tall and is decorated with beads, celluloid flower buttons, plastic leaves, chain and jewels. The wood parrot sits and waits for someone to talk to him.

Pencil Baskets: These pencil baskets are covered with old, new and hand painted pens and pencils. Shell buttons are carefully placed between the pens and pencils to add interest and texture. The inside of these metal baskets are decorated with hand painted dots. They are 13" tall with a top diameter of 10.5". Signed DV.

Vetromile Assemblage Art Salt and Pepper Shakers: Fun! My customers have always loved my decorated shakers and they really use them. Each is about 3" tall with a base diameter of 1.75". Signed DV.

Decorated Coffee Pots: Fancy, bright and fun! Each is about 13" tall and is signed DV 00.

Minnie Fancy Pot: This fancy pot is about 13.5" tall and about 8.5" wide. The wonderful Mickey buttons were hand painted by my Dad, Albert Capello. Signed DV.

Parrot Watering Can: I just love this watering can because it is bright and colorful with a orange and red parrot, a yellow and white pansy and a pale cream squirrel. The metal can has a brass sprinkling head and can be used for watering your favorite flowers. This is a normal size watering can with a base diameter of 7.5".

Nun Candle Stick: The solid brass candle stick measures 3" tall with a base diameter of 5". The Nun and Yellow Bird sit in a garden of jewels, flowers, hand painted buttons and beads. Signed DV.

Pencil Decorated "Lunch Box" - Brief Case: This sturdy, black acrylic case measures 10" x 13" x 5" not including the 2.5" x 6" handle. Slide the side tabs to open and close. The interior has two black leather pockets for holding papers or your lunch. The 37" woven nylon, strap with its leather shoulder rest has two black end clips which attach to the folding metal loops at the case top. The pencil art work is done on an applied copper rectangle. Quite smart for traveling to the office. This case was one of my samples for the New York shows I did years ago.

Hockey Pot: Just perfect for the guy who has everything. His favorite plant would look great in this pot decorated with hockey players, buttons and nails. It is 7" tall with a 7" diameter. Dianne Vetromile label on felt bottom. The collage "Junker" art has been done on a pottery base. I did this a few years back as a break from my Junker Furniture. Excellent condition.

Memory Jars: Glass jars with very special decorated lids. There are three sizes. The smaller 2 oz. size measures 2" in diameter and 2" tall. The 4 oz. size measures 2.25" in diameter and is 2.75" tall. The 6 oz. size measures 2.5" in diameter and is 3.25" tall. These measurements do not include the top sculpture. Lots of fun!

Wood Fisher Price and Friends Art Jar: The clear glass jar measures 3.25" tall with a diameter of 2.5". The height including the decorated lid is about 5.5". A vintage wood Fisher Price fellow is surrounded by friends. I placed a few buttons in the the jar for fun.

Fisher Price Fireman Art Jar: The clear glass jar measures 2.75" tall with a diameter of 2.25". The height including the decorated lid is about 5.25". The fireman is embedded in a garden of flowers, beads and jewels. There is even a four leaf clover for luck. I placed some vintage heart buttons in the jar.

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