Curious Objects: Remember When: Sold Furniture
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Original Pencil Chair: This is the very first pencil chair.
It was purchased by Danielle Steele from Amen Wardy's Beverly Hills shop.

Fiesta Chair: Bright, beautiful and heavy. Covered with mostly vintage Fiesta china and a bit of old Westinghouse Hall and bright chartreuse California pottery. It is 32" tall at the back with a seat measuring 16" x 18.5". Signed DV 7.2002.

Small Albert Einstein Pencil Chair: This art was inspired by a great photo of Albert Einstein and the shape of the chair back. I just had to do it. It is a small chair measuring 23" high at the back with seat measurements of 9" x 10". Albert's head with fabulous, flamboyant hair measures about 12" x 12". The chair base is covered with very artsy misprint pencils. They almost look hand painted. Very bright. The detail photo of the seat is true to the actual color. Also, one of the detail photos of Albert's head has a bit of color reflection. This is not on the actual chair. Would make a wonderful, fun gift for a newborn from loving Grandparents. Signed DV 2005.

Hail Mary Chair: This is my third Hail Mary, Mother of God Chair. Mary and Angels are set in mosaic tiles and bits and pieces of vintage costume jewelry. This old wood chair is completely covered as the photos show. It stands 36" tall with seat measurements of 14.5" x 17". Signed DV 2004.

Parrot and Pencil Chair: The two vintage wood parrots have been hanging out in my studio for years. One day they asked if they might be applied to a chair! (They want a new home.) So I went forward and created this Parrot, Pencil and Game Piece Chair. It even has some old friends on the seat. Detailed, silver metal parrots are set in a starry night background which includes glass beads, white clouds and silver stars.
The surface has been treated with a protective gloss finish. It is this high gloss that distorted and reflected color. True color can be viewed in the detail shots. It is far more beautiful than the photos show.
There is an authentic, vintage oak, T-back chair under the art. It is 38" tall at the back with seat measurements of 15.5" x 19". Signed DV August 2004.

Toy Chair: I really love this chair as it is covered with bright, fun toys! The chair itself is vintage wood and interesting in design. It is 35.5" tall at the back with seat measurements of 13.5" x 14.5". The photos are quite clear and you can see all the great things I have added - Fisher Price, Disney, Legos, Scrabble, etc. The seat is decorated with wood US state, puzzle pieces separated by turquoise beads and detailed with red, white and blue stars. Protective high gloss finish. Signed DV 12-2004.

Jeweled Dragon Chair: A vintage Oak chair covered with jewels, jewelry, beads and chain. The centerpiece is a fine, old, metal, tobacco jar lid with a detailed dragon design. This chair is 38" tall at the back with seat measurements of 15" x 16". The seat is covered with a gloss finish and is smooth and almost flat. It appears to look like glass. In fact, the whole surface has been treated with a protective high gloss which enhances the colors. Signed DV 2004.

Small Baseball Chair: I used my National League pencil collection to cover most of this vintage wood, child's chair. (Super future collectibility as there are many Montreal Expos pencils. As you know, the Expos have become the Washington Nationals.) Wood bats and red beads frame the seat with its bright beads, burgers, hot dogs and Fun Foods baseball player pins (1980's). It will be easy to find that special place for this chair due to its size. It is 27" tall at the back with seat measurements of 13" x 13.5". The seat has been protected with a gloss finish. Signed DV 2005.

Fish, Pencil and Penny Chair: The base for this work is a vintage telephone chair from the 1950's. It stands 27.5" tall with a seat height of 17". The seat itself is about 12.5" square. This chair would have been used by the phone for a quick sit when answering. I really enjoyed working with this size. It makes a major statement without being a major size! Signed DV 2000.

CC's Bird Chair: If you look closely at the last three photos you will see my cat, CC (Coon Cat), sleeping on his favorite chair. Can you blame him. It's purrfect!
The two hand painted vintage birds sit in a garden of flowers on green hand painted pencils. Most of the chair is covered with older yellow pencils that have a gentle age patina that complement the Maple leaf and birds.The seat has a vintage, also hand painted, Maple leaf which came from an old ice cream parlor. Three older wood rulers decorate the chair back. The round, dark brown buttons with their flower bouquets were designed and painted by my Dad, Albert Capello.
The chair is 34" tall at the back with a seat that measures about 14" x 16". Signed DV 2001.

New York Yankee Chair: A great chair covered with New York Yankee memorabilia. It is about 36" tall at the knobs of the bats. Some of the players are pictured in their rookie or previous team uniforms such as Roger Clemens as a rookie for the Red Sox. "Doc" Dwight Gooden is in a Mets uniform but he pitched a no hitter for the Yankees. The fabulous Joe Torre as a Atlanta Brave! I look for the oldest "Yankee" items that I can find. After all, the quantity of some items is more plentiful once someone becomes a Yankee.
The colors of this chair are more true in the detail photos, of which, there are many. My art work tends to make my camera act crazy as it does not know where to focus as there is so much going on in one chair.
This is a very special chair and I do love my Yankees.

Fishing Chair: The seat of this great chair is covered with copper enamel work from an unknown artist. It is what inspired the theme. I just love the enamel pastels with the bright decorative objects.
This child's chair is 27.5" tall at the back with a seat measuring about 13.5" x 15".
Signed DV 2003 Fishing on the bottom.

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