Curious Objects: DV Art Furniture

Pencil Chair: This very special Pencil Chair is named "The Legs Don't Match Pencil Chair".

PC41.jpg (21585 bytes) PC42.jpg (22800 bytes)

It is 34" tall at the back. The above two photos are of the front and back. As you can see the objects have been artfully applied. It is covered with vintage pens, pencils, buttons, gloves, jewels, beads and flowers.

PC43.jpg (50522 bytes)

You can even sit on this chair as the seat is covered with flat vintage buttons made of Bakelite, plastic and Mother of Pearl.
The edge is framed with bright red chain.

PC44.jpg (56004 bytes)

This photo shows detail of the hand painted buttons.

PC45.jpg (57659 bytes)

More detail.

PC46.jpg (56978 bytes)

This "The Legs Don't Match Pencil Chair" is signed DV 98.

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