Curious Objects: Customer Comments

  • Husband keeps bringing people in to see the chair. Luckily, we know them. A little concerned that he may start bringing strangers in soon... Best, v.
  • I just had to tell you that I hung up my toy piece at my office and everyone is raving about it. I have been showing people how to see more of your work on ebay. It was also a treat to see the reaction on the face of a child for the first time. This little girl came into the clinic with her mom and she couldn't stop smiling and touching it. So, it was a hit with the kids, so in my book, it was a roaring success! Thanks again, Mary
  • The chair came in perfect shape and is absolutely incredible. I love it. THANK YOU. Please keep me in mind when you do other beautiful pieces. You are very talented. Have a great year! Ross
  • Hi Dianne, I just went to your web site and your work is totally awesome. Such creativity. How long have you been doing this fabulous stuff? I know I am going to really enjoy the salt and pepper shakers I bought and I intend to draw lines on the buttons in the button baseball jar to make the little white round buttons look like little white baseballs. I can hardly wait to show your art around. I have bookmarked your site because it will take me days to actually see everything. Hope you were able to go to my website too. Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Elaine
  • Dianne, Your work is just wonderful. I absolutely adore your chairs; they are amazing! I can't believe that I just found your site. I will be passing it on to everyone I can think of. Thanks for your great artwork! Timmie
  • Everyone I sent your site to--mostly fellow weird artists--has been writing and raving about it. One claims that she's your twin separated at birth. :o)

    Feedback from eBay Customers.

  • Prompt and great work.
  • A color phenomena and transformation from nano to macro! WOW thanks/most pleased.
  • Fun, whimsical, makes ya smile!! oVerflowing with TaLENT!!
  • If you haven't bought from this artist? YOU really NEED TOO!!!!!!
  • An artist bursting with imagination!!!
  • Thanks so much... I support your work 100%
  • Am crazy about your work as you know by now, thanks so much!!!
  • Totally unique piece..sold to a corp exec ! Wonderful!
  • Waaay kewl piece!!!

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